Screen Used Bill & Ted Movie Prop Costumes For Sale

Up for sale here is the only Bill & Ted items I’m going to be selling.
They’re a set of partial Bill & Ted costumes from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.
The set consists of:
Ted’s Red vest (with non functioning zip on front).
Bill’s Yellow shirt (with non functioning zip on the front)
& Half of Bill’s Green Checkered shirt.

They came from the collection of Kevin Yagher, the Special Effects Supervisor who worked on the movie and were originally used by Keanu Reeves & Alex Winter in a deleted scene where Evil Robot Bill & Ted peel off their outer skins to reveal they’re actually Evil Robot Ted & Bill!
This is a very rare opportunity to get a Bill & Ted related item, especially with the new movie now officially on the way!

Price: £1250 GBP including worldwide shipping!

If you’re interested in this item, please Contact Me

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