Miniature Baby Godzilla Egg

This miniature egg was used in the 1998 Roland Emmerich action thriller ‘Godzilla’.
Towards the end of the movie the group hunt for Godzilla’s lair and discover the whole of Madison Square Gardens is full of the monsters eggs.
This was one of the eggs used on the sprawling set created for the impressive panning shot to show the sheer volume of baby Godzillas about to be unleashed into Manhattan.
The egg is made from fibreglass and has been decorated with a rough textured surface painted a muddy brown, and snaking across it are red veins with a small amount of hot-melt glue still attached to the base from where it was secured to the miniature set.
Upon completion of the movie, many of these eggs were gifted to first unit crew members as a keepsake. The egg measures approximately 5” tall and is still in excellent connection.

Godzilla Egg

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