Movie Props For Sale

Here are a few items that I either feel it is time to let go of, or have acquired a different to replace it.
If you see anything here you would like to buy please Contact Me (

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For Sale:

Elektra – Elektra (Jennifer Garner) Necklace
Elektra Icon

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Invitation Envelope
potter icon.jpg

Pitch Black – ‘Johns’ Costume
PitchBlackJohns icon

Chronicles of Riddick – Vin Diesel Screen-Matched Necro Knife
NecroKnife icon

Chronicles of Riddick – Vin Diesel Necromonger Knife
necro icon.jpg

Chronicles of Riddick – Metal Bladed UV6 Bone Knife – UK ONLY
Riddick Bone Knife 1

Mission Impossible 2 – Hero ‘Chimera’ Virus Vial
mi2-prop-display icon

Cowboys & Aliens – Daniel Graigs Metal Photo of his wife
ca-redone icon

Pandorum – Ben Foster Light Up Communicator
Pandorum Icon.jpg

Get Shorty Weir’D Tales Book Prop

Spider-Man – Spidey Webbing Section
Spidey Icon.jpg

Screen Used ‘Push’ Agent Mac’s Leather Syringe Case