Riddick (Vin Diesel) Helion-Prime Vest

This vest was worn by Vin Diesel during his role as the title character in The Chronicles of Riddick. This vest was framed by the Propstore of London and still features it’s original costumers tag attached to the vest stating which scenes it was used in.

The visible side of the costumers tag reads:
“Change No.3 -

Scenes No.41-49
Imam’s House; Imam walks in. Riddick shaving head and beard, they confront eachother. Riddick holds knife to Imam’s throat; Ziza appears. Riddick talks to Ziza, discovers her name. Additional – Cape ON. Hood OFF. Cape NOT covering RIGHT arm – we can see hand to elbow, entire armguard can be seen. Cloak stays off arm (but is tied) for attack on Imam; – See ref photos for placement.
Scenes No.50-54
Imam’s House; Riddick in the dark room alone. Soldiers come in through doors, Riddick puts out candles with his hands. Says line. All goes dark. Soldiers fire, flashing, we see Riddick hiding in ceiling/rafters sitting as a gargoyle.
Fight Sequence.
Riddick exits room, decends staircase. Frightened young soldier runs away. Imam yells at Riddick regarding Kyra.
Additional notes on reverse —>”
Unfortunately as the vest is sealed within the frame from Propstore I cannot see the text for the additional scenes, but have been told when I acquired it that the notes describe Riddick on the rooftops and his escape through the streets of Helion Prime.