The Incredible Hulk – Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) Broken Heart Monitor Watch

This heart monitor watch was used by Edward Norton in The Incredible Hulk.
This broken watch is seen falling on the floor in pieces as David Banner changes into the Hulk and it breaks off of his wrist.

This broken-strapped version of the watch can be Screen Matched to the exact scene in the movie it was used in (See the bottom of this page for details and comparison pictures)

A fantastic item from one of the films that lead up to The Avengers!

Broken Watch 1

Broken Hulk Watch Matchedit


Aswell as the correct number of holes on each side of the break, there are also 3 other points on the strap that can be screen matched to the scene in the film. A thick bump in the rubber at the end of the strap, a split hole just after the break and a melted ‘twist’ in the strap before the break to hold the rest of the strap at a ‘broken’ angle.

Broken Watch Match

Broken Watch Strap