Van Helsing Werewolf Anti-Serum Syringe Prop

A syringe of werewolf antiserum from Stephen Sommers’ fantasy-adventure film Van Helsing.
After Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) is bitten by the Wolfman (Will Kemp) he discovers Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) has a cure, which companions Anna (Kate Beckinsale) and Carl (David Wenham) force Igor (Kevin J. O’Connor) to lead them to.

Made from rubber and plastic, the antiserum syringe is decorated to look like gold, with two bands of glyphs above and below the serum vial. The syringe needle and plunger are static as this softer version was used during the scenes where Anna and Carl are transporting the antiserum to Van Helsing after it has been removed from the acid container.